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Happy new year!


Hello everybody, happy new year!I am sorry to be so far… but I am preparing some good stuff to post here.

If you like technology, and I think you do, please do not miss Ces 2008 (Consumer Electronics Association) in Las Vegas (USA), January 7-10.
The good new is that we will be able to follow the event from Cnet, NBC and Meiobit (in portuguese) will cover the event for us.
New products, services will come out, some will be true, others probably will disappear. so do not miss!

Apple Ces is on the second week of January. People are expecting something new from apple, I even have a friend who is waiting for this event to buy his new laptop.

Apple is always suprising us! So if you want to start the year updated about technology that’s a good tip.

Source: Meiobit

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“Happy new year!”

  1. On January 18th, 2008 at 2:36 am Iliana Says:

    Oie!!!!! adorei bastante o teu website ta de mais principalmente os videos… tipo ta msmo bem elaborado, bem estruturado e bem creativo.




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